HOOAH is a dba name for the Daniel G. Dolan Patriot Fund, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.      

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Our Mission Statement:

  - To ensure that all our U.S. Military Veterans are not forgotten.

  - To honor and serve those veterans and to help support them and their families.

We carry out this mission through education, community services, contributing to veterans organizations, and awarding scholarships to veterans and their families.   



On the 2012 SPC Dan G Dolan Memorial Ride, we had many of the attendees sign an Army Service Flag that was to be sent to the sandbox where Dan's Unit was currently deployed.  Below is the message received by the Dolan family after the unit received the flag.  We blacked out OPSEC sensitive details.  Above is a picture that was attached to the message.


I am CPT                             the             for 1-23 Infantry. It was very fitting that we received your flag this morning, 27 August 2012. Thank you for all that you do, we still remember Dan and honor him with the flag and your card in our Command Area hallway. We are over halfway done with our deployment, I have attached our monthly newsletter from this month as well. Take care and stay safe riding!


1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment
FOB               , Afghanistan

"We Serve, With Honor"



Neck Coolers for the Sandbox

In April 2012, HOOAH shipped over 700 neck coolers to soldiers of the Tomahawk Battalion.  Neck coolers are soaked in cold water until just before a patrol and then wore around the neck to keep cool during the hot daytime patrols.











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